Quick, clean custom molds for Jesmonite homewares

Ewa Lefmann is a homewares and graphic designer, she creates colourful Jesmonite homewares accessories for her brand, Evka Home. Ewa used the Multiplier to produce large scale custom molds for graphical mirror frames.

Watch how Evka Home uses the Mayku Multiplier

About Evka Home

Bold homewares with creative materials

Ewa Lefmann started her creative journey as a graphic designer and printmaker. During the UK’s first lockdown, she turned her passion to 3D design via her Jesmonite homewares brand, Evka Home. Starting out with the Mayku FormBox and laser cut templates, the Multiplier allows Ewa to create larger and more detailed creations.

I'm not stopping myself like 'oh I can't do a bookend because it will cost too much to develop it.' I can actually be like 'okay, I can do this now. How do I want to do it?
With the Multiplier, I know that in the future I can develop all my products myself to as much details as I wish to and with as much control as I can.
Ewa Lefmann
Homewares Designer at Evka Home


How Evka Home uses the Mayku Multiplier

Ewa started with sketches. These were then translated into CAD models so the templates could be manufactured accurately.

Ewa’s templates were created using laser cut wood and 3D printed parts.

Flexible custom molds for Jesmonite were created in minutes and instantly ready to cast into.

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What Ewa Loves about the Mayku Multiplier


Greater creative flexibility

Test ideas rapidly and without outsourcing or using silicone. Work with a variety of sheet materials to keep costs low and creativity flowing. Quick, affordable 2mm molds can be tested immediately before committing to making a flexible mold.

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Shorter lead times

From idea to finished mold in minutes

Outsourcing custom mold designs can be a lengthy process. Back and forth on design drafts and then up to 8 weeks before the final mold is ready. Silicone mold making has a steep learning curve and a long curing time. With the Mayku Multiplier you can go from idea to finished mold in minutes rather than days. Shorter lead times means greater sales potential for your business and improved productivity.

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Improved profit margins and productivity

Waiting for quotes, chasing design changes and waiting for delivery all eat into your precious time when you’re prototyping to a deadline. By taking the entire production process in-house with the help of the Multiplier, designers can save money and time. In addition, the Multiplier workflow is more affordable and cleaner than custom silicone mold making.

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