Includes everything you need to get started. A selection of sheets, manuals, cables and even an exclusive starter project to help you learn the basics, quickly.

How Pre-Orders Work

Multiplier Shipping Starts July 2022*

We’ve ordered 1000 units for 2022, and we’ll make more in line with demand

Pre-order your machine now to secure one of the few remaining units available this year.

We'll keep you updated from behind the scenes whilst you wait. Including exclusive content from the factory and design process.

Shipping starts from July 2022* on a first come, first served basis. A custom shipping quote will be provided prior to dispatch.

*Dates are estimated and subject to change. Items may ship earlier or later.

Your questions, answered

How does it work?

Pressure forming is an industrial grade manufacturing process, used to make highly detailed molds and parts really quickly. By utilising pressure when forming heated sheet material, pressure forming can capture detail finer than a human hair and perfectly sharp edges. The process of making a mold takes between 5-10 minutes and offers greater precision and control over other manufacturing processes.

What kind of warranty is on offer?

We’ll be offering a standard 2 year warranty on all Multiplier orders. For any questions or problems you can find support via email, social media and our forum for all customers.

What materials can I make templates out of?

Polymer clay, earthen clay, 3D printed materials (polymers, metals), wood, potatoes and other food stuff and any other materials or items with high melting point. We’ll be sharing more tips on designing for the Multiplier in the coming weeks.

How much detail can the Multiplier capture?

The Multiplier can form molds that pick up micro textures, razor sharp edges and details smaller than a human hair.

What size is the design space? How big can I make an object?

Your templates will require a small margin around them, meaning the maximum design space is a circular base of 380mm and maximum height of 160mm. Larger shapes may be possible with a multi-part mold or build.

What kind of Mayku Sheets will be available for the Multiplier and how much will they cost?

Currently our list of confirmed sheet materials are: PETG, HIPS, LDPE, and EVA. These will be available in a range of thicknesses with more planned for the future. We will be selling a range of approved, pre-cut sheets but it is possible to source and test other materials yourself if preferred.

We’ll be sharing confirmed prices before shipping starts so you’ll have plenty of time to confirm your sheets orders, please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

Why is the forming bed a circle instead of a square or rectangle?

This is because you can’t make a square pressure chamber. Pressure based technology naturally wants to work in a sphere, so this design allows us to optimise the process for greater control, precision and safety.

Which casting materials are compatible with Multiplier made molds?

We offer a range of sheets to suit different casting materials and project types. Compatible materials for casting into Multiplier made molds include resin, eco-resin (Jesmonite), plaster, concrete, chocolate, ice cream, ice, silicone, soap, bath bomb mix and wax.

How much is shipping and where do you ship to?

Upon launch we will be shipping direct to customers in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe only. We hope to expand to other regions soon, if you have a special request, please let us know.

Shipping quotes will be provided closer to dispatch date to ensure best service is provided. We estimate shipping will cost between £30 - £400 + customs/import fees depending on location, if in doubt please speak to a specialist for a custom quote.

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